2023 Toy Drive Event



What can I do with my kids this weekend?

Naples Kidz has an all-in-one calendar to help you find all the amazing kids’ events in the Naples area. View our calendar daily to find activities and events for your kids to enjoy.

Does the beach have red tide right now?

Does the beach have red tide right now? Red tide occurs at various times of the year. To make sure the beach is free of red tide conditions before you plan your visit, check out the most up-to-date conditions on the GCOOS.

Which beach is the best with kids?
Naples Kidz recommends Lowdermilk Beach Park for families. This beach/park has a snack bar, restrooms/showers, and small park, sand volleyball, parking, and rentals available for beach leisure and fun. Parking can fill up quickly at various times of the year, so coming early or on weekdays is highly recommended.


What sports programs are available in the Naples Area?
Check out our sports page to find all the athletic programs in the area!


Where can I have my kids birthday party?
Naples Kidz created a birthday party directory to help you plan your kids’ next birthday party – including venues and entertainment options!