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Hello Naples friends and families! My name is Stephanie Funkhouser and I am the founder of Funky Snacks and Company. I am originally from Virginia, though my husband and I have lived in Naples for the last 15 years. We love living in Naples and feel very lucky to be able to raise our children here in this beautiful town.

The idea of being a teacher is what led me to Florida in 2006, which is what my profession was up until 4 years ago. Once my children were born, I decided it was best for me to stay home with them. Fast forward 4 years and I was ready for a fresh start. I wanted to do something where my girls could be involved and of course, something that I love: baking, cooking and crafts!

    Funky Snacks came into being thanks to several people. The first person is my grandmother. I grew up around her home cooked meals and amazing desserts. Funky Snack’s recipe is a variation of my grandmother’s from the 1920s. Next are my husband and my dear friend who love this chex mix recipe. On a late December night in 2021, they brought up the idea of Funky Snacks and encouraged me to make it my own business. The last people are my two sweet girls. I want to show them that hard work and perseverance do pay off, and that they can do and be anything they want.

    Here at Funky Snacks, we offer homemade peanut butter Chex mix blends. Our base mix consists of peanut butter, corn Chex, and pretzels. If you need an alternative, we offer sun butter and almond butter as substitutes for the peanut butter. The “blends” are any toppings you would like to add in to our base mix. Our current selection of toppings includes homemade brownies, chocolate chips, M&Ms (seasonal available), peanuts, sesame sticks, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate chips. Want all of our toppings in your mix? Go for it! Our customers can customize their mix however they please.

    Our snack mix can be used at parties and events in many different ways. It can be set out as a grazing dish, set up as a Chex mix bar, or, the most popular with kids’ parties and events, is our snack boxes. These can be used as party favors, class gift sets, teacher gifts, or birthday boxes. We can customize your snack boxes in several ways. One way is to match our boxes to the colors and/or theme of your party; provide additional snacks or favors in the snack boxes (our homemade brownies have been a hit, as well as bubbles!); an activity where kids can decorate the snack box; and a Chex mix bar set up for kids where they can create their own snack mix. The snack boxes have been something kids absolutely love, especially since they can walk around with their little boxes and save some snacks for later.

    Our best-seller blends for kids are a mix with just Chex (my oldest and her best friends favorite), an M&M mix (a hit with every child who has ever eaten our Chex mix), a chocolate chip and white chocolate chip mix, and an M&M and white chocolate chip mix. For all of you adults out there, my absolute favorite mix is our mix with peanuts, white chocolate chips, and chocolate chips. If you like a little sweet mixed with your salty, then this mix is for you!

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    My girls are loving helping me with our business (and have REALLY enjoyed eating Chex mix frequently), and I have definitely found my passion. I hope you and your family enjoy our mix as much as my family has.

    If you want to inquire about our local business and see more of what we do, please check us out on Facebook or Instagram to see our menus and our other offerings.

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