Hi Naples Moms! Can we please take a moment to talk about your pelvic floor? It’s a topic that most women have an issue with but never talk about because:


  1. Too embarrassed.
  2. Too busy with kids, work, school, family hustle, life!
  3. Issues are not severe enough to address now.
  4. Who do I speak with? What can I do?  Seems overwhelming.
  5. It will go away after breastfeeding, when I start to exercise, in 5 years.
  6. I already know how to do a Kegel (but nothing is changing)
  7. My friends and I joke about laughing while jumping but it is a big issue for me and it is getting worse.
  8. I am starting to avoid social settings as I know there is not a bathroom nearby.
  9. I am changing my habits to accommodate high urgency (mapping out restrooms).
  10. Intimacy is becoming painful or has changed with PF issues.

The common assumption about the pelvic floor dysfunction is that when you hear “pelvic floor problem” that equals loose muscles and leakage with exercise, laughing and jumping. While this definitely can be the case for some women, there are also many other muscle dysfunctions within the pelvic floor that can impact pelvic floor health!

So the question is, do Kegel’s work? Are they doing more harm? Should I be doing them?

It is known that 95% of women who have low back pain also have a pelvic floor muscular dysfunction. Of this 95%, 72% of these women have a SPASTIC component (or high tone, tightness) within their pelvic floor muscles.

Why does this matter?

Tight pelvic floor muscles create high urgency where you feel like you have to pee all the time, regardless of fluid intake, which is not normal. Spasm in the PF muscles is related to pain including with intercourse and wearing tampons. Thirdly, tight PF muscles can also contribute to urinary incontinence, or the inability to hold pee.

We would like to revolutionize women’s healthcare and normalize pelvic floor dysfunction. There are safe, conservative, compassionate, long-term and permanent solutions to empowering women to take control of their health.

ChiroQueen Concierge appointements are compassionate, private, effective, evidence-based, proven treatments with Dr. Vicki Hemmett, a women’s health chiropractic physician with 20 years of experience. Most women have 90-100% resolution of symptoms after a 10 visit care package.

We can easily move from embarrassment to empowerment, pain to pleasure, fear to freedom. Make yourself a priority and give yourself the space, time and permission to fully heal and become your best self!